1. Ouerskap (CD)
    Johan Smith
    Ouerskap wêreldwyd is 'n uitdaging in die veeleisende tye waarin ons leef. Daar is die druk van prestasie op vele terreine: werk, huwelik, samelewing, gemeenskap, gesin en elke ander plek of terrein waaraan jy kan dink. Tog bly die huwelik.....

  2. The Me I Want To Be (Participants Guide)
    John Ortberg

  3. Why In The World (DVD)
    Andy Stanley
    We think we know why He died. But what compelled Him to live as one of us?Why would God leave the comfort and recognition of heaven to live on this ball of dirt in a time before morphine and indoor plumbing when the best of conditions barely par.....

  4. Renovate (DVD)
    Various Artist
    Have you ever attempted a renovation? You start motivated and often end the first day with a massive mess on your hands. We've all been there. So, here's the question: If renovation is so difficult, why do we attempt it? Over the cour.....

  5. Angus Buchan On The Bible (DVD)
    Angus Buchan
    Be blessed, strengthened and encouraged by the Word of God – the Bible. The Bible is the ultimate authority for any believing Christian. I cannot stress enough, how alive, how real, and how important this book is in these last days. The W.....

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